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Up 2 You(th)! Associated partners & Local stakeholders

In Slovakia, the UP2YOU initiative has prospered through strong collaboration with various key stakeholders in youth and education. The success of our strategic partnership has been strengthened significantly by the active involvement and support of partners like the Regional Government Košice-Self governing (KSK), the Regional Youth Center (RCM), and the Regional Youth Council - (RMKK). Alongside these core associated partners, numerous local stakeholders, including high schools, local politicians, and municipality representatives, played key roles in our project activities.

Collaborative Dynamics:

  • Regional Government Košice-Self Governing Region (KSK): As an essential part of our partnership, KSK's Department of Youth and Education was crucial in supporting UP2YOUth activities. Youthfully Yours SK has been a part of KSK's working group for non-formal education and youth agenda since 2020. This collaboration was instrumental in creating and implementing the "Conception for Development of Youth Work in Košice Self-Governing Region 2021-2025". During regular monthly meetings, we ensured the alignment of the UP2YOUth initiative with the strategic objectives of the Conception. The initiative supported the local efforts of our working group by fostering dialogue between young people and political representatives and emphasizing active citizenship through peer learning. We have also organized activities informing about NGOs' work, the benefits of volunteering, and the advantages of democratic systems.


  • Regional Youth Center (RCM) and Regional Youth Council - (RMKK): As key members of the working group, these partners provided valuable assistance throughout the UP2YOUth initiative. Their support was crucial in organizing activities, disseminating surveys among young people, and sharing project results. RCM's contribution extended to lending two of their youth workers, Jakub and Roland, who led workshops focusing on student parliaments and democracy values.


  • Local Educational Institutions and Political Representatives: Several schools and student parliaments across Rožňava, Michalovce and Košice were actively involved in the project. Their participation was essential in organizing local workshops and focus groups, ensuring the involvement of a diverse range of young people coming from diverse backgrounds. In particular, we have involved:


In Rožňava:

  • Business Academy Rožňava
  • Medical VET school  Rožňava 
  • Grammar schoolP. J. Šafárika Rožňava 


In Michalovce:

  • Business Academy Kapušianska 2 Michalovce
  • Grammar school Ľ. Štúra, Michalovce
  • Medical VET school  Masarykova 27 Michalovce


In Košice:

  • Business Academy Polarna, 
  • Grammar school Trebišovska, 
  • Grammar school Šrobarova, 
  • Grammar school Poštová, 
  • Grammar school GT12 and 
  • Grammar school Alejová. 


The participation of local authorities, including Vice-president of the regional government, KSK - Ladislav Lorinc,

Mayor of Košice district - Myslava - František Beer,

MP of the Regional Government and Košice City - Peter Berinšter, brought real-world perspectives into our workshops, enriching the learning experience.

Added Value of Cooperation:

This extensive collaboration with regional bodies and local stakeholders enhanced the impact and reach of the UP2YOUth initiative. By integrating our efforts with ongoing regional strategies and involving local schools and politicians directly, we ensured that the project's outcomes were relevant, sustainable, and deeply rooted in the local context. The collective involvement of these partners brought diverse perspectives and expertise, enriching the project's activities and outcomes.

Dissemination Event - A United Effort:

Instead of standalone events, we chose to integrate our dissemination activities into the regional conference on the recognition of youth work organized by KSK and NIVAM. This move ensured that our project outcomes reached over 90 stakeholders in the youth and education sector.

Key Findings:

The cooperative approach led to successful workshops and focus groups, highlighting the need for continued dialogue and active participation among youth in local governance and civic activities.

Recommendations for Local Authorities:

  1. Sustain and Expand Collaborative Efforts: Continue to foster partnerships with Youth organizations like Youthfully Yours SK to maintain momentum in youth engagement.
  2. Integrate Youth Perspectives in Policy-Making: Ensure young people's voices are heard in local governance through regular meetings and interactive sessions.
  3. Support Youth-Led Initiatives: Encourage and facilitate initiatives driven by young people, promoting active citizenship and community involvement.
  4. Focus on Educational Partnerships: Strengthen collaboration with schools to embed civic education and participation in the educational curriculum.

The UP2YOUth initiative in Slovakia showcases the power of collaboration in enriching youth-oriented projects. The partnership with regional government, educational institutions, and local authorities not only increased the impact of our efforts but also enabled sustainable youth engagement and empowerment.




The Project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The European Commission's support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. 2020-2-SK02-KA205-002569


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