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Up 2 You(th)! Local Workshop: "The World of Student Parliament or Why To Get Involved?"

At the core of the "Up 2 You(th)!" initiative is the desire to reconnect young people with their communities. In the Košice region, this vision found expression in our Local Workshop, "The World of Student Parliament or Why To Get Involved?"

The workshop was designed for high school students aged 16-19, particularly those not currently engaged in student parliaments; it aimed to boost interest in school governance and democratic participation.

Who Participated and When?

Held on the 13th and 20th of June, 2023, in Rožňava and Michalovce, this workshop targeted high school students, especially those yet to participate in student parliaments. We also included disadvantaged youth facing socio-economic obstacles, ensuring inclusivity and new perspectives.

Workshop Aims and Learning Outcomes

Our goals were:

  • To clarify the role and functioning of student parliaments.
  • To explore the responsibilities of parliament members.
  • To explain the influence these bodies have on school policies and student life.
  • To discuss the benefits and challenges of participation in those bodies.

Learning Outcomes Achieved by Participants:

  • Participants were able to clearly define what a student parliament is and describe its core functions within a school.
  • They gained knowledge about the responsibilities and roles that student parliament members hold.
  • Participants understood how student parliaments contribute to shaping the school environment and student experiences.
  • They were able to list the benefits of participating in student parliaments while also acknowledging potential challenges.
  • Participants left with a clear understanding of the requirements and expectations for those wishing to join student parliaments, including the commitment levels and skill sets needed.

Recommendations for Local Authorities Based on "The World of Student Parliament or Why To Get Involved?" Workshop

  1. Promote Student Parliaments in Schools: Encourage all schools within the region to establish or strengthen their student parliaments. Provide guidelines and resources for effective student governance, emphasizing the importance of student involvement in creating school policies and activities.
  2. Integrate Student Voices in Decision-Making: Create platforms where student parliament members can regularly interact with local educational authorities. This can include periodic meetings or forums where students can present their ideas and feedback directly to the decision-makers.
  3. Training and Support for Student Parliament Members: Offer training sessions and workshops for members of student parliaments to enhance their leadership, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. This could be done in collaboration with experienced trainers like Jakub Spišak.
  4. Financial Support for Disadvantaged Students: Ensure that students from low-income families have equal opportunities to participate in student parliaments and related activities. This could involve providing travel allowances, educational materials, or other forms of support.
  5. Celebrating Student Achievements: Organize annual events to recognize and celebrate the contributions and achievements of student parliaments. This will not only motivate the current members but also inspire other students to get involved.
  6. Facilitate Inter-School Student Parliament Networks: Establish networks for student parliaments across different schools to share ideas, best practices, and collaborate on larger initiatives. This could foster a sense of community and collective action among students.
  7. Feedback Mechanisms: Implement feedback systems for students to evaluate their experience in student parliaments. This feedback can be used to continuously improve the structure and functioning of student governance bodies.

Collaboration with Youth Organizations: Partner with local youth organizations and councils to provide broader platforms for students to engage in civic activities and community development.

Implementing these recommendations can significantly enhance the effectiveness of student parliaments, thereby empowering young students and fostering their active engagement within the school and wider community.

The "World of Student Parliament or Why To Get Involved?" workshop has successfully boosted interest in student parliaments, empowering youth from the Košice region to actively shape their educational environments. Through interactive and engaging methodologies, we've managed to bring closer the worlds of young individuals and school local governance. 

Find more about applied methodologies and conclusions from the workshop.




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